Tuesday, 1 February 2011

U.S. METAL ALBUMS Part 2 (1983 & 1984)

Howdy folks, sorry it has taken me so long to get around to updating this page.
Sometimes life just insists on getting in the way of the things you intend to do despite your best intentions.
Hope tonight's bumper selection of old US Heavy Metal albums will go some way towards making up for my lengthy lay off here.
We have some truly obscure stuff in tonight's selection, but hidden amongst these there are musicians who went on to make a mark in other outfits, such as a Pre-VINNIE VINCENT INVASION & SLAUGHTER Mark Slaughter fronting X-CURSION, SERPENT'S KNIGHT featuring a young Warrel Dane Pre-SANCTUARY & NEVERMORE, and before he was in CJSS and CHASTAIN, little David T Chastain was guitarist extraordinaire with SPIKE.
We also have ex-VIRGIN STEELE guitarist JACK STARR with his first solo album, "Out Of The Darkness", which features the cream of the early '80's New York Metal scene backing him with the late great RHETT FORRESTER of RIOT singing on all tracks, and former STEELER frontman Ron Keel with the debut album from his eponymously named band, KEEL.
Add to that little lot some great obcurios from the likes of RAT ATTACK, CRYSYS, PROPHECY, VICTIM, RISING POWER, MAX LYNX, TAIST OF IRON, DESIRE, LADY KILLER, WYZARD and PANDEMONIUM and i think you'll find much to enjoy amongst tonight's selection.
Get stuck in!

CRYSYS - Hard As Rock (1983) USA


SERPENT'S KNIGHT - Released From The Crypt (1983) USA


LADY KILLER - Lady Killer (1983) USA


DESIRE - Cry At The Sky (1983) USA


PANDEMONIUM - Heavy Metal Soldiers (1983) USA


SPIKE - The Price Of Pleasure (1983) USA


VICTIM - Power Hungry (1983) USA


MAX LYNX - Take One (1983) USA


RAT ATTACK - Rat Attack (1983) USA


WYZARD - Knights Of Metal (1984) USA


KEEL - Lay Down The Law (1984) USA


JACK STARR - Out Of The Darkness (1984) USA


TAIST OF IRON - Resurrection (1984) USA


RISING POWER - Power For The People (1984) USA


X-CURSION - Ready To Roll (1984) USA


PROPHECY - Prophecy (1984) USA


As per always, none of the files are password protected, and the rars contain cover art and informative text files.
Let me know what you think of this little lot and i'll try to be a little more regular with the posts here in the future.
However, i guarantee nothing.
I'm sorry to have to report some sad news now, as we lost two more great musicians this past month.
Phil Kennemore of YESTERDAY & TODAY/Y & T sadly lost his battle with cancer a few weeks ago, and last week we also lost Henrik Ostergaard of DIRTY LOOKS to causes unknown at this time.
Raise a glass to them for the good times.
Rest In Peace.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

A quick word about the Serpents Knight and Rat Attack albums:
both of those albums were ripped from bootlegs which pre-dated the official re-releases, they give you a flavour of the albums but obviously the sound isn't as good as the official releases.
I believe that at least one of those reissues has bonus tracks too, and both boast far better sound than the copies i've provided, so if you like what you hear, go support the artists by buying their albums.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing all you do. Here's something off your wish list as a sign of my appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Matt, thank you very much for taking the time to upload the DNA album for me.
It's very much appreciated my friend.
That particular record was a real pain in the ass to me because although it's posted in quite a few places, all of the posts seem to have come from the same original faulty rar source.
So every time i'd d/l the damned thing i'd get the same rar error message again regardless of the location where i found it.
It'll great to finally hear the record again after all these years.
If there's ever anything you're looking for just gimme a holler. If i've got it, you'll get it.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Hey Kit
That 2nd link I sent you is still on your want list. Is there a problem with the rar file?

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, do you mean the DNA album? If so, thanks again, it plays fine my friend, i must update my "wants" list.
If you're referring to a different record then i'm totally in the dark.
I very much appreciate you taking the time Matt, it's very appreciated!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Just a little gift to say thank you for all your great posts here:

MIDNIGHT CHASER : Midnight Chaser Mini LP (2011) USA


I think you'll enjoy it my friend.



Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Kenzo, i'll give them a try mate!
Much appreciated,