Friday, 7 November 2008

NWOBHM LPs Pt 1 (1979-1981)

A lot of people get hung up on the NWOBHM "sound", the galloping rhythm section, the riffing/duelling/harmonizing guitars, the budget rock god with the mike wailing like a Poundland Percy Plant. I recognise the affection for that style, but i feel an awful lot of worthwhile music from that era gets overlooked by people in an effort to turn up the lost bands who could have been the "new Maiden", those who fit the narrow NWOBHM definition. One of the NWOBHM movement's strengths to me was the sheer variety of music that was produced on this tiny island at that time which still fitted under the "NWOBHM" umbrella. Take part 1 of this 3 part mega post for instance, you got bands here which included prog-rock influences, Boogie, AOR, you had some who were coming from a Hard Rock direction, some who kept their Metal undiluted & raw, hell, there's even a Christian band included here! It was a broad church, (terrible pun!), and that's reflected by the music here, i hope you find something here that you'll cherish for life. Happy listening!

MONEY - First Investment (1979)

LIMELIGHT - Limelight (1980)

DEDRINGER - Direct Line (1980)

BLEAK HOUSE - Live 1980 (1980)

SPARTA - Sparta (1980-81)

CLIENTELLE - Destination Unknown (1981)

ALKATRAZZ - Young Blood (1981)

100% PROOF - 100% Proof (1981)


Anonymous said...

Limelight - Fabulous album. Even got to see them live once. The frontman sang, played a guitar solo and stomped on his bass pedals all at the same time. Progtastic ! Not the sterotypical NWOBHM at all.

bigfootkit said...

Wow! I'm jealous as hell that you saw Limelight live. I was a little too young to catch the 1st wave bands on stage, although i did see Chasar, Abel Ganz, Glasgow, Trident, Pallas etc when they broke through initially. Your story basically adds weight to what i was saying in my post, there was a whole lot more to the movement than folks expect from a cursory listen. Thanx for sharing your memories.

Anonymous said...

Saw Limelight twice, both times in a small venue in Birmingham. Superb band. 1st album sounded very dated when released but live they were a joy. Twin necked guitar, playing it like lightning. 1980 what a time.